Why Guidebooks are Better Than Geotags, Wilderness Press

Why Guidebooks are Better Than Geotags

Leave No Trace recently released their new social media guidelines, asking outdoor enthusiasts to pause for a moment to think about the impact their social media post may have on the lands we love. The first guideline is "Tag thoughtfully," referring to the geotags (a link...

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Father's Day

How to Go Green this Father’s Day

It's Father's Day! Today is the day for dads. Every year, your family celebrates with Dad in the same way. He's happy, you're happy, everyone is happy. But listen. We know old habits die hard. Family traditions are sacred. However, times have changed and new rules have...

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National Trails Day, American Hiking Society, Wilderness Press

Stream of Consciousness Before National Trails Day

Before National Trails Day Oh man, National Trails Day is coming up. Wait, that means it’s almost June! Where has this year gone? Anyway. National Trails Day. What am I doing next weekend? Nothing that is more important than National Trails Day! I wonder what my friends...

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Earth Day, Conservation Alliance, #wekeepitwild

How to Be A Better Lover of the Earth

Sunday, April 22. Earth Day 2018. The theme is Help End Plastic Pollution. We know you're already Earth-savvy. You recycle. You say no to plastic water bottles. You pick up and carry out trash you find on the trails. Thankfully, almost everyone who spends any time...

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