Discover the Top Outdoor Trails Near You with Our Expert Guide

Many people are planning their summer getaways, and the Top Trails guidebooks can help! In this series, our expert authors describe the trails that are worth your time. Whether you’re looking for hikes with high elevations, child-friendly terrain, lake views, or cool-and-shady paths, these guidebooks...

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Go Camping with Kids!

School is almost out, and the season of camping with kids is near. We have the perfect guide for the before and during, whether you have camped as a child, an adult, or not at all. Camping with Kids: The Complete Guide to Car, Tent, and...

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Unite for a Sustainable Future: Earth Hour Calls for Action

Together in darkness, we illuminate the path toward sustainability and environmental stewardship.  While many of us know Earth Day as a time when we’re encouraged to take care of our environment, not everyone is aware of Earth Hour—when we’re invited to participate together as a community...

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tunnel with bikers in it from book Rail-Trails

Pedal and Power: The Exciting Rise of Electric Bikes

The electric bike is becoming a common sight on paths these days. The rise of electric bikes, or e-bikes, dates back to the late 20th century, with the first successful commercial models appearing in 1997; mass production by Yamaha and Panasonic kicked off in the early...

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Biker on a trail by a lake.

Discover How Abandoned Rail Lines Transform Into Beautiful Rail-Trails

The transformation of busy railways into serene multiuse trails is a fascinating chapter in transportation history. Rail-trails, or paths created along abandoned railroad tracks, are a beautiful testament to sustainable living and community connectivity. Rail-trails turn vacant spaces into bustling pathways for hikers, walkers, cyclists, and...

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California Rial-Trails book

Explore the Best Bike and Multiuse Pathways in California

Exploring California by bike is unlike any other adventure you can take. The fantastic views, secret areas, and unique landscape create a one-of-a-kind experience. The new Rail-Trails California book is your guide to seventy-two of the best multiuse pathways in the entire state. Like other books in the Rail-Trails series,...

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John Muir Meditations book

The Wise, Wandering, Sauntering Scotsman

Editor’s Note: The Meditations of John Muir: Nature’s Temple is now in its 17th printing as we celebrate the book’s 20th anniversary. In the truest spirit of the book and Muir’s own contemplative writings, author Chris Highland was kind enough to pass along some thoughts...

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AZT gate at sunrise

Five Questions with Guidebook Author Sirena Rana

While being outdoors and hiking down a trail is always rewarding, sometimes we’re looking for more—something a little more memorable. The Arizona National Scenic Trail delivers those extra-special characteristics in grand fashion. The AZT is one of those trails that people hike and call “a...

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National Trails Day

June 5th is National Trails Day® 2021

National Trails Day® is an annual nationwide movement to get out to celebrate the trails and walking paths around you. The past year has affected us all in different ways and often in the same ways. Across the board folks have found that spending time...

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Dark Sun Monday along the PCT

Rainier beyond Crystal Mountain Washington's Northern Cascades abound with unforgettably picturesque sights—so many that the days can tend to merge into one another, especially when you've seen the same hulking, massive, snow-covered stratovolcano in front, to the side, and behind, looking imposing from every angle. Mount Rainier...

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