Backpacking the Elkhorn Crest Trail in Oregon

We are all about finding lesser-known trails in the backcountry. So that's why the Elkhorn Crest Trail in Oregon is high on our to-hike like this summer. With views, granite peaks, cirque lakes, mountain goats, and generally excellent mountain scenery, we're unsure why the Elkhorn...

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Coming Down with A Case of Spring Fever in Oregon

You know those scenes in movies, when the calendar’s pages start peeling off and flying away, first slowly, then faster and faster? That’s how I feel every spring. The weather turns gorgeous, the trails start to clear of snow, people go to the river or...

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The Ultimate Bay Area Ridge Trail Hike

Earlier this week we shared tips about how to plan a self-supported adventure. And nowhere is better or more convenient for a day outdoors than a long, scenic, well-marked trail. There's one trail in particular we're partial to this summer—the 375-mile Bay Area Ridge Trail....

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Where to do a Stairway Workout in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city made urban mountain training. It's laughably hilly in spots, making it the perfect playground for hill repeats with a heavy pack. And San Francisco has the added bonus of having hundreds of colorful, interesting, and historical public stairways to climb....

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Bay Area Ridge Trail

Celebrating 30 Years of the Bay Area Ridge Trail

It's the 30th birthday of the Bay Area Ridge Trail! To celebrate this momentous anniversary, we're sharing the Ridge Trail's history in an excerpt from the new edition of Bay Area Ridge Trail, by Elizabeth Byers. The Trail A combination of unique characteristics primed the Bay Area for...

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Walking Portland

Secrets of Writing a Guidebook, Revealed

Those of us who write guidebooks for a living like to make a big deal about how it's totally a real job and we're not just getting paid to bum around checking out cool stuff on some fat company's dime. It's work, you guys! We...

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