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How to Get Excited for an Alpine Start

3 a.m. Alarm going off. Groan at ungodly hour. Reconsider life choices. Reconsider waking up and running. No. Must go run. Ugh. Slide out of bed. Struggle into clothes set out enthusiastically the night before. Stupid idea. Running is stupid. Sit down to put on socks....

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How to Run 100 Miles, ultra running, trail running, Lake Martin 100

How to Run 100 Miles Without Hating Life

No, that's not a typo. 100 miles. Four marathons. Two 50-milers. It's an increasingly popular distance in the trail running community, and it's actually quite an achievable goal. With the right training, of course. And while it may sound miserable to most some, you can run 100 miles...

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Pakcing for an ultra marathon

What to Pack for an Ultra Marathon

At Wilderness Press, we practice what we preach. Our books are about trails—our team plays on those trails. I personally adore the trails so much that I like to run ultra marathons on them. As in, I run 100-mile races in the woods. On purpose. As...

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2018 racing schedule

How A Trail Runner Plans A New Year

New year. Blank slate. Empty calendar. So many opportunities to get outside and run. And race. Definitely race. Got to get the hardware to show off. First things first, though. Look back at last year's data. Strava doesn't lie. 1,900 miles. 150,000 ft. of vert. Not...

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Bend, Mount Whitney, Havasupai, Ozarks, Alaska Highway, trips to take in 2017Bend, Mount Whitney, Havasupai, Ozarks, Alaska Highway, trips to take in 2017

Trips in 2017 to Feed Your Wanderlust

Happy 2017, fellow adventurers! Can we all agree to take a collective sigh of relief and vow to make this year better than the last? Breathe in the mountain air, breathe out the doldrums of 2016. If you haven’t already started, now is a great time...

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Run with Wilderness Press in Bend!

Trail running at Archie Briggs Canyon has it all—rivers, rapids, wildlife, and cliffside running all within a short drive from downtown Bend. Lucas Alberg, trail runner and author of Trail Running Bend and Central Oregon, favors this trail because of its diverse and eye-catching scenery. If you...

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SF Foot Expert Leads Medical Care for Amazon Jungle Marathon

[caption id="attachment_1669" align="alignleft" width="150"] John Vonhof, author of Fixing Your Feet (Wilderness Press)[/caption] SAN FRANCISCO -- Bay Area ultra-runner and foot care expert John Vonhof will travel to the Amazon rainforest in October to provide foot care to participants of this year's Amazon Jungle Marathon. The race will take...

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