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Fall Along the PCT in the High Sierra

  The timing of my backpacking trip through the Sierras had more to do with permit availability than with peak fall colors or precipitation levels. But I lucked out in both areas: There was no rain and plenty of beautiful foliage during a four-day trip along...

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What Jordan Packed for his PCT Thru-Hike

Ah, the life of a PCT thru-hiker. Carrying all your worldly possessions on your back day in and day out, not unlike a turtle. Since I've done this thru-hiking thing a time or three, I have a pretty good grasp on what exactly I need,...

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PCT Days celebrates its 10th anniversary

PCT Days celebrated its 10th anniversary this year in a typically jubilant and down-to-earth style. Current thru-hikers mixed with PCT alumni and local section hikers at Oregon's Cascade Locks Marine Park, while a lineup of outdoor adventure retailers and cottage-industry folks displayed products ranging from...

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Section Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in Summer

Summer adds a new layer of complication for section hikers in Southern California. Wildfires and triple-digit temperatures are common, so extra care and planning are absolutely necessary. The Sand Fire in the Santa Clarita area, which burned 41,000 acres in late July and required 42 firefighting...

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SoCal Wildfires and the Pacific Crest Trail

Detours and trail closures are nothing new for hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail, but disaster hit especially hard this June. California wildfires swept through two separate areas around the famous Mexico-to-Canada trail, closing stretches of it for more than a week near the Mexican...

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Jordan’s Diary from the PCT – Week 1

Well, that's a wrap of my first week hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and working on revisions of the Pacific Crest Trail guidebooks. Here are my musings, ponderings, and photos. 5-31-16 Wonderful day to drive from my home in Elk Grove, California just six hours down to...

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Trail Angels of the Pacific Crest Trail

There is no formal Wikipedia entry for trail angels. Before I started hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I thought they were kind people who lived near the trail and offered water and indoor plumbing to the dirty, tired hikers who passed by every spring. But there’s...

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Packing Food for the Pacific Crest Trail

Imagine having to organize and pack everything you need to survive living out of your backpack for the next few months. Sounds a little daunting, right? I hit the Pacific Crest Trail last week to begin my thru-hike from Mount Whitney to the Canadian border, as I revised...

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