Why You Should Plan an Inn-to-Inn Hike in California

Distance walking, particularly inn-to-inn hikes, has always been popular among those who appreciate going on a pilgrimage. The popularity has increased significantly however over the past few years as people yearn to escape their hectic urban lives and find a deeper connection to nature. If you're...

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Walking Portland

Reasons Why You Should Walk Through Portland

Becky Ohlsen, author of Walking Portland, is one of our prolific writers. She is constantly out hiking and researching and writing books for us. So it was nice for Becky to slow down just a bit and amble through the streets of Portland, observing all its...

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National Park love letters

Honest Love Letters to National Parks

Great Smoky Mountains National Park We absolutely adore you. Your mountains are the tallest and strongest of anywhere east of the Mississippi, your free entry makes you a friend to all, and your shelters are a warm, dry refuge for Appalachian Trail hikers. You are full...

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10 Essentials to Have Sex in a Tent

The 10 Essentials for Having Sex in a Tent

As loyal Wilderness Press readers know, February is the month when we share informative tips from one of our very favorite books, Sex in a Tent by Michelle Waitzman. After all, we are a guidebook company and our goal is to guide you in all outdoor activities. Plus, it benefits us...

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Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

Looking Back on Week at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

We're back from another exciting week of Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, appropriately named because there was a fresh blanket of snow covering Blue Bear outside the Colorado Convention Center when we arrived. As we landed and picked up our badges and started rebuilding the booth, it...

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How to know if you've seen a troll, Wilderness Press,

How to Know if You’ve Seen a Troll in the Forest

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Trolls. Any outdoor enthusiast should be well-versed in what to do if you encounter different wild animals. But rarely (or ever?) do we talk about the forest's most elusive and mischievous inhabitant—the troll. To be clear, we're not talking about...

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How to hygge, Norway, Wilderness Press

How to Hygge the Norwegian Way

I spent a week in Norway over the holidays and became well-versed in the art of hygge. Hygge is actually a Danish term (Norwegians call it kos) but both words mean the same thing—creating a mood of coziness and comfort so that you can feel...

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