National Park love letters

Honest Love Letters to National Parks

Great Smoky Mountains National Park We absolutely adore you. Your mountains are the tallest and strongest of anywhere east of the Mississippi, your free entry makes you a friend to all, and your shelters are a warm, dry refuge for Appalachian Trail hikers. You are full...

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10 Essentials to Have Sex in a Tent

The 10 Essentials for Having Sex in a Tent

As loyal Wilderness Press readers know, February is the month when we share informative tips from one of our very favorite books, Sex in a Tent by Michelle Waitzman. After all, we are a guidebook company and our goal is to guide you in all outdoor activities. Plus, it benefits us...

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Sex in a Tent, Valentine's Day

How to Make Camping Sexy

Oh my, it's Valentine's Day once again. The day where we all either bend over backwards to show our love for our partner, companionably heckle "those couples" with our partner while sitting on the couch in sweats eating leftovers, or dive headfirst into a pint...

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