Walking Portland

Reasons Why You Should Walk Through Portland

Becky Ohlsen, author of Walking Portland, is one of our prolific writers. She is constantly out hiking and researching and writing books for us. So it was nice for Becky to slow down just a bit and amble through the streets of Portland, observing all its...

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Out for a Stroll, With Menus in Mind

As Walk Score has pointed out, many of our country's major cities are becoming more walkable, and thus, more sustainable. It's becoming more popular to ditch the car and walk to the grocery, dining, shopping, and other errands. Here, we will share with you some fantastic...

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Walking Portland Published Today!

Wilderness Press is pretty juiced to announce that Becky Ohlsen's Walking Portland is officially published TODAY! To celebrate, we're giving away 5 FREE COPIES to the first 5 people to share Trekalong w/ their Facebook or Twitter followers! And...

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