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Stream of Consciousness Before National Trails Day

Before National Trails Day Oh man, National Trails Day is coming up. Wait, that means it’s almost June! Where has this year gone? Anyway. National Trails Day. What am I doing next weekend? Nothing that is more important than National Trails Day! I wonder what my friends...

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Walking Washington, D.C., National Trails Day, Barbara Saffir

How Washington, D.C., Celebrated National Trails Day

From all accounts, National Trails Day was a sweeping success! Trails were hiked, friends were made, adventures were had. One particularly unique National Trails Day celebration occurred in Washington, D.C. Barbara Saffir, author of Walking Washington, D.C., hosted an urban hike that traversed bustling sidewalks, skirted a mirrored...

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National Trails Day, America Hiking Society

Why We Love National Trails Day

We are sitting even more impatiently this Friday because tomorrow, June 3, is National Trails Day. After months of anticipation and preparation and promoting the Gear Up Get Out campaign in May, it's finally here! The day dedicated to spending time outdoors and sharing our passion...

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Unique Ways to Celebrate National Trails Day

National Trails Day is next week! (How did June sneak up so quickly?!) On June 3rd, American Hiking Society is encouraging everyone to go outside and walk, run, paddle, horseback ride, swim, and do anything on your local trail systems. There are events throughout the country where you can...

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Gear Up Get Out, National Trails Day, American Hiking Society

Why You Should Gear Up and Get Out

Fill up your water bottle and lace up your hiking shoes—National Trails Day is right around the corner! On June 3rd, the American Hiking Society invites people of all ages and abilities to hit the trails at one of the thousands of events hosted throughout the country....

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National Trails Day Trail Crawl

I love trails. Long trails. Short trails. Technical trails. Urban trails. Popular trails. Secret trails. So with today being National Trails Day, I sat down to pick the perfect trail for my celebration. Which oasis of dirt would my feet grace in honor of this better-than-Christmas day? And when I...

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How Trails Get Their Names

The names of hiking trails are often straightforward and self-explanatory — they are chosen for a point of interest, or perhaps a trail leader or volunteer who helped blaze the original path. But every so often, a catchy or unusual trail name comes along that defies...

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National Parks Ban on Fixed Anchors Now Lifted

After nearly 15 years of being banned, the National Park Service is now finally allowing use of fixed anchors on federally-managed, designated climbing routes within park confines. This is good news for all you climbing junkies out there heading to the monumental parks' peaks this...

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