How to know if you've seen a troll, Wilderness Press,

How to Know if You’ve Seen a Troll in the Forest

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Trolls. Any outdoor enthusiast should be well-versed in what to do if you encounter different wild animals. But rarely (or ever?) do we talk about the forest's most elusive and mischievous inhabitant—the troll. To be clear, we're not talking about...

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How to hygge, Norway, Wilderness Press

How to Hygge the Norwegian Way

I spent a week in Norway over the holidays and became well-versed in the art of hygge. Hygge is actually a Danish term (Norwegians call it kos) but both words mean the same thing—creating a mood of coziness and comfort so that you can feel...

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Wilderness Press looks back on 2018

Wilderness Press Looks Back on 2018

Is it just us? How is 2018 already over? It feels like we were just at Denver’s first Outdoor Retailer, listening to Governor Hickenlooper welcoming us to his state. This past year was full of major wins for the outdoors (check out all these amazing...

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How to Pack for International Adventures, 10 essentials for international travel, Wilderness Press

The 10 Essentials for International Adventures

You're traveling abroad this summer! You've probably had it planned for months now, but I'd like to believe the post on how to choose the best international hikes had a role in your decision. No matter. Your destination is set, your ticket is booked, and now...

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How to Find International Hikes, Wilderness Press

How to Choose the Best International Hikes

Thanks to social media, it's really easy to get FOMO while sitting at home looking at everyone's jaw-dropping hikes across the globe. Also thanks to social media, it's actually quite simple to hop on a plane and go on some epic hikes yourself. Last year I traveled...

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Bend, Mount Whitney, Havasupai, Ozarks, Alaska Highway, trips to take in 2017Bend, Mount Whitney, Havasupai, Ozarks, Alaska Highway, trips to take in 2017

Trips in 2017 to Feed Your Wanderlust

Happy 2017, fellow adventurers! Can we all agree to take a collective sigh of relief and vow to make this year better than the last? Breathe in the mountain air, breathe out the doldrums of 2016. If you haven’t already started, now is a great time...

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#OptOutside, REI, Wilderness Press #OptOutside,

Spending Thanksgiving on the Trails

Last week, we shared how Wilderness Press will #OptOutside on Black Friday by shutting down our website for the day while we all spend time outdoors. We invited our authors to join us, REI, and other industry leaders and were met with a resounding "YES!" Here are...

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Visit California Farms, Erin Mahoney Harris, California farm harvest, best California farms to visit with kids

Best California Farms to Visit With Kids During Harvest

Apples. Pumpkins. Hayrides. Animals. Fall is a great season to bring the little ones to a local farm. These three family-friendly spots featured in Visit California Farms, by Erin Mahoney Harris, are the perfect place to celebrate the season. Slide Ranch Muir Beach, CA  Situated on 134 picturesque acres overlooking the bluffs of Muir Beach just...

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Visit California Farms, Erin Mahoney Harris, Full House Farm, California farm stays, Naylor's Organic Family Farm

3 California Farm Getaways To Visit This Fall

This is a great month to plan a weekend getaway—to somewhere close that still feels like a vacation. You want to unplug and unwind, but you don’t want the hassle of camping for this trip. You want a comfortable bed to sink into, but not at a chain hotel. So...

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Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, #orshow, AdventureKEEN, Fixing Your Feet, John Vonhof, Trail Running Bend and Central Oregon, Best Summit Hikes Denver to Vail

Wilderness Press at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2016

Ah, the week after Outdoor Retailer. If you were lucky enough to attend, you're probably catching some much-needed shut-eye now after the long days and short nights, or sadly driving away Salt Lake City in your adventuremobile. Or all of the above. Wilderness Press definitely falls into the latter...

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