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Navigating the Best Rail-Trails in Iowa

Iowa has a rich railroad history. In 1856, the first trains to ever cross the mighty Mississippi River entered Davenport, Iowa, ushering in a new wave of east-west travel and commerce across the burgeoning nation. Today, Iowa’s residents can remember and celebrate the original railroads with...

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Best Rail-Trails for Cycling in Chicago

With an abundance of rail-trails in the midwest, cycling in and around the Windy City is a breeze. And rail-trails have the added benefit of preserving historical landmarks, serving as wildlife conservation corridors, linking isolated parks, establishing greenways in developed areas, and stimulating local economies...

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Exploring the Historic Rail-Trails of the Midwest

Wilderness Press has again partnered with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to publish three new guidebooks that present the best rail-trails of the midwest—Rail-Trails Illinois, Indiana & Ohio; Rail-Trails Iowa & Missouri; and Rail-Trails Michigan & Wisconsin. Railways helped build America. Spanning from coast to coast, these ribbons of steel linked people, communities, and...

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Best Rail-Trails of Minnesota

Of the more than 1,900 rail-trails across the United States, 70 are located in the state of Minnesota, known for one of the best developed and diverse trail networks in the country and second among states in total rail-trail mileage. Built on unused, former railroad corridors, these trails...

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