A Fresh Look at the Pacific Crest Trail

For decades the Wilderness Press Pacific Crest Trail guidebooks have been helping hikers navigate the PCT, and this year we’re releasing fully updated full-color guidebooks. Not only are these books beautiful, but they are also super detailed and handy to have. They are for sale now, with a portion of every book sale going to the PCTA! Can you tell we’re proud?

It has taken so long to update these books. So many people have been involved. Our authors, Jordan Summers and Laura Randall, rehiked the trail throughout the seasons, over many months, to make sure everything checked out as they updated the guidebooks. You can follow the authors on their new Facebook and Instagram accounts, where they share thoughts, information, and ideas about the Pacific Crest Trail and their PCT books.

Guidebook author Laura Randall
Guidebook author Jordan Summers

Our team of editors, cartographers (all the maps in all three books use the same scale), and designers all came together to create this beautiful set of books.

Plus, we had the Pacific Crest Trail Association working alongside us to make sure that our books not only provide the history of the PCT, but also the guidance, across the series, towards what the trail itself needs. While these books let you “hike your own trail” and plan your own plan, they focus on preserving the nature around the trail and offer Leave No Trace tips on how to be the best steward you can be.

Our hearts are saddened that so many have been affected by the wildfires over the past few months. Add to that the pandemic, shutdown, and stay-at-home orders. . . things can start to feel overwhelming. We hope these books inspire you and the hikers in your life and show what is possible.

Whether you’re dreaming of thru-hiking the whole PCT, looking to just hike a small section, or simply needing verification on where to find safe water, these books will be invaluable. Check with your local and state officials to see what outdoor activities are currently allowed in your area. Check in with the PCTA for the latest information on the trail. Be smart. Be safe. Be well.

Travis Bryant
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