Memorial Day Weekend plans

How to Make This the Best Memorial Day Weekend Ever

Ah, Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start of summer. An opportunity to relax and unwind. A chance to eat lots of ice cream.

If you’re scrambling for some last-minute ideas for the three-day weekend ahead, here are some easy-to-execute suggestions.

Memorial Day Weekend plans

Keep your laptop and notebook zipped up tight in your work bag when you leave your office on Friday afternoon. Long weekends are for relaxing, not working!

Heck, just take Friday off and extend your weekend even more. You deserve it!

Plan a spontaneous adventure a few hours from home. Choose somewhere you’ve never visited, book an Airbnb or bring your tent, and spend the weekend exploring.

Or be a tourist in your own town! Pack a picnic lunch and go explore some museums, trails, landmarks that you’ve never seen before. Bonus—you still get to sleep in your own bed!

Find a body of water to splash in. Pool, lake, river, ocean, stream, sprinkler—nothing says summer like playing in water.

Memorial Day Weekend plans

Have a fancy barbecue. Hot dogs and hamburgers are so 2018. Challenge your friends to come up with some unique foods to grill, then reap and eat the rewards.

Build a Memorial Day snowman. Because if you can’t beat the snow, you might as well play in it!

Go scout out a part of the new Great American Rail-Trail. You can cycle or run a small part of it while imagining continuing all the way to Seattle! If you’re not near the official route, you can hit one of the hundreds of other rail-trails around the country.

See how many hikes you can knock out in one weekend. Sunrise hike; break for breakfast; morning hike; break for lunch; mid-afternoon hike and hammock nap; break for dinner; headlamp night hike.

Go on your first thru-hike or section hike! Three or four days is the perfect amount of time to get your feet wet (sometimes literally) in the world of backpacking.

Memorial Day Weekend plans

Stay up really late, and then sleep in even later. When is the last time you stayed up way past your bedtime to talk with friends under a sky full of shooting stars?

Catch a sunrise. On the opposite end of the spectrum, set an alarm for an alpine start and go bask in the beauty of a sunrise from a trail. Then plan for an afternoon nap, of course!

Clean up some trails. While you’re enjoying the great outdoors, do what you can to leave the trails better than you found them. It’s also good practice for National Trails Day next week!

Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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