Gifts for van-dwellers, Wilderness Press

Gifts for the Van-Dweller in Your Life

If you’re into any outdoor activity, chances are pretty high that you have a friend or acquaintance or two who live in a van. Or maybe you’re that someone. Either way, you need to get a physical address for people who live the #vanlife, and you need to send them some holiday gifts soon.

Shopping for van-dwellers can be tough. They’re short on space and tend to have everything they need, making gift giving difficult. That’s why we came up with a list of gifts that are small in size, but large in thoughtfulness and usefulness.

America the Beautiful Pass

The America the Beautiful Pass covers all U.S. National Parks, National Forests, National Wildlife Refuges, and sites managed by the Bureau of Land Management—over 2,000 locations! It will definitely be put to good use, and takes up no room in the van.

Gifts for van-dwellers, Wilderness Press

Memberships and donations

Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Pacific Crest Trail Association. American Hiking Society. Conservation Alliance. Outdoor Industry Association. Signing your person up for a membership or making a donation in their name helps protect the trails they love to use.

Solar charger

Maybe their van has a tricked-out solar panel on the roof. Or maybe you’re giving the literal(ish) gift of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Bonus—they can now juice up their phone and write you a thank you email!

Battery-powered lights

All van-dwellers must have multiple strands of battery-powered twinkle lights casually draped everywhere, always at the ready to be photographed. It’s a rule.

Fancy cooler

If you’re looking to splurge on a big gift, this is it! Top-of-the-line coolers will keep their ice frozen and food fresh for days in the backcountry. A fridge. Just think of it as you’re buying a fridge.

Hygiene kit

This is a gag gift to help others not gag. Stock the van with a new toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, body wipes, dry shampoo, and toilet paper.


Duh! There’s always room for a guidebook. You can even go the extra mile and ask for their trip itinerary, so that you can get them guidebooks for every stop along the way! Which books, you ask? Wilderness Press and Menasha Ridge Press will have you covered!


Small and inexpensive, but thoughtful and loving. Your friend is on an adventure of a lifetime and will want to jot down stories and observations. Or use it as fire kindling. Or toilet paper.

A place to stay

Anyone who lives in a van can tell you that a place to do laundry, hot shower, and comfortable bed are priceless! Literally, for you. And in return, you’ll get the gift of hearing all about their travels.

Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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