4th of July

How to Celebrate Fourth of July On A Wednesday

Happy Fourth of July! An entire day to sleep late, eat traditional American food, relax, swim in bodies of water, and watch fireworks. So perfect!

Except…wait. What’s that specter hanging over our heads? Oh, it’s Thursday waiting to ruin all our fun. A regular workday where your boss doesn’t care how late you stayed out last night; you have to get to the office on time like a functioning adult.

A holiday smack in the middle of the week. You can curse yourself for not taking vacation time. You can wish food poisoning onto everyone who did get to travel somewhere and is now taking over your social media feeds. Or you can suck it up and make the most of the midweek birthday party for America with these suggestions.

Wake up early to maximize the day.

You have 24 hours of freedom to celebrate our country’s freedom, so make it count! Hit the trails early, drive to a nearby lake, go be a tourist in a town you’ve never explored. The beauty of a day off is that you can always nap before the fireworks.

…Or sleep in!

It’s a day when you can wake up whenever your body wants to, not when your alarm dictates. Wake up whenever you want, then spend some time lounging in bed lazily drinking coffee and reading a book.

Take a day trip.

Use the holiday as an excuse to head somewhere a few hours away from home. Picnic in some meadows. Paddle in a new-to-you river. Take an extended brewery tour that spans a few different towns.

…Or stay home and relax!

It’s an unspoken rule that holidays aren’t for doing chores. So swing in your backyard hammock with a cold drink and stack of magazines, or hide from the heat inside with some guilt-free Netflix binging.

Go out and watch some fireworks.

Nothing brings a community together more than a flashy display of colors and sounds synchronized to some patriotic tunes.

…Or watch the Macy’s Firework Show

Watching local fireworks is fun, but it’ll also be crowded and loud and your dog back at home will be losing his mind so why not just stay home and watch the greatest fireworks display from the comfort of your couch?

Whatever you do, have a great time celebrating America’s birthday and know that we’ll be suffering right there with you tomorrow.


Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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