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How to Be A Better Lover of the Earth

Sunday, April 22. Earth Day 2018. The theme is Help End Plastic Pollution.

We know you’re already Earth-savvy. You recycle. You say no to plastic water bottles. You pick up and carry out trash you find on the trails. Thankfully, almost everyone who spends any time outdoors has a vested interest in keeping our Earth beautiful. We keep good company, eh?

But are you a Super Earth Lover yet? Have you eliminated as much plastic consumption from your life as possible? Take this quiz and find out!

You buy plastic water bottles

Yes: For shame. Don’t you know better by now? Send us an email and we’ll mail you a reusable water bottle!

No: Good. 79% of plastic ends up in landfills. You don’t want to contribute to that terrifyingly sad statistic.

You use plastic cups, plates, forks

Yes: We won’t call you lazy, but…You spent all that money (or added to your wedding registry) on dishes and flatware, so use it! And be extra Earth-conscious by carrying your own plate and spork to restaurants that only use plastic.

No: Great! You understand what a waste single-use plastic products are.

You use zip-top bags or plastic food storage containers

Yes: It’s ok, lots of people do this out of habit. But guess what? They sell glass food storage containers now! And glass doesn’t get discolored when you add your favorite curry leftovers to it, either.

No: You probably own those reusable sandwich and produce bags too, right? You go, Glen Coco!

You put your grains and veggies in plastic produce bags

Yes: Another habit. But you’re already buying in bulk instead of individual, smaller containers, so pat yourself on the back! And bring some small cloth bags with you next time.

No: We’re so proud of you!

You order food to go and don’t bring your own container

Yes: Don’t fret, you’re like 98% of society. It may seem weird at first to hand a restaurant your own glass container to put food in, but it gives you a chance to reduce your plastic consumption and educate others about being conscious about their own use of plastic. Win!

No: You are a true ambassador of the Earth. We bow to you.

Your baby wears disposable diapers

Yes: We get it. You’re juggling a million and one new baby things, and cloth diapers seem so…unappealing. But you’re helping save the Earth for your little offspring’s future if you make the switch.

No: 100 points to you! Future generations will thank you.

You use disposable feminine products

Yes: Hear us out for a moment, ok? While menstruation cups are made of plastic too, they drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills over the course of your life. And they’re more sanitary. And they’re perfect for the backcountry!

No: 200 points! Isn’t it life-changing? Have you convinced all your female friends to make the switch yet? Or, you’re a dude and don’t have any idea what we’re talking about.

Another, plastic-free way to celebrate Earth Day is to shop the Conservation Alliance’s #WeKeepItWild Earth Day sale. We’re donating 25% of all sales to the Conservation Alliance!

Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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