Sex in a Tent, Valentine's Day

How to Make Camping Sexy

Oh my, it’s Valentine’s Day once again. The day where we all either bend over backwards to show our love for our partner, companionably heckle “those couples” with our partner while sitting on the couch in sweats eating leftovers, or dive headfirst into a pint of ice cream. Alone.

Or, rather than rolling our eyes at this pointless Hallmark holiday, we can fully embrace it and use it as an opportunity to promote our favorite book, Sex in a Tent. Because why not.

With a long weekend ahead and cabin fever hitting hard, take matters into your own hands and send this link to your partner to convince them to go camping. Follow up with some reading of your own on how to have sex in a tent.

Caught up? Good. This year, we’re here to take things up a notch and make your camping experience even sexier.

Set the Stage

This one is a no-brainer, friends. Pick a campsite with a clear view of the dazzling night sky. Light a fire. String up some lights. Put some soft tunes on your Bluetooth speaker, or strum a guitar. Mood=instant romance.

Go Au Natural

Since you shouldn’t be bringing scented products into the woods anyway, ditch your deodorant and let your pheromones do the talkin’. Can’t stand the way your partner smells? There’s your excuse to find a new one! (Kidding.) (Kind of.)

Lose the Layers

If you live somewhere with moderate winter temperatures, head deep into the backcountry, take off your clothes, and be nudists for the weekend. Just don’t forget bug spray. Or something to sit on.

Bring Toys

The beauty of car camping is that you can bring as many non-essentials as you’d like without having to worry about weight. Load up some of your favorite bedroom toys and get frisky in the forest. You can also enjoy some sexy camping solo this way, too.

For more tips on how to get naughty in nature, pick up our book Sex in a Tent by Michelle Waitzman or Sex in the Outdoors by Buck Tilton.

Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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