Alabama in the fall, why visit Alabama in the fall

Why You Need to Visit Alabama in the Fall

The second Labor Day passes, the Internet blows up with all the fall things. And timelines and maps and articles on how to chase those changing leaves. Because we all know that while photos of sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween decorations are nice and all, they don’t hold an autumn-scented candle to photos of fall foliage.

If you pay close attention (like we do), Alabama is never on any fall trip lists. Never. Ever. We’re always pushed to the side by cooler places like New England, Colorado, the Sierra, Flagstaff, the Smokies.

And now that it’s mid-November, fall is essentially over (especially if you’re a big fan of decorating early for Christmas). That is, unless you’re in Alabama.

Say what? Oh yes, the joke’s on you, fall enthusiasts! You’ve been missing out on a ton. Here in Alabama, we’re just getting into the swing of fall. And here are all the reasons why you should be here right now.

It’s basically never-ending summer—Labor Day in Alabama means squat—summer carries on as usual well into September and sometimes even October. We still flock to the Gulf or the lake on weekends, our wardrobes benefit from all the summer clearance, and our tans stay impossibly intact.

Which makes us appreciate fall even more—So then the second the temperature tips under 75 degrees, we celebrate hard. Nights are spent huddled around the fire pits. Boots, Better Sweaters, puffy vests all get worked into the wardrobe rotation. Crock pots decorate counters everywhere.

When it’s early winter everywhere else, we have peak color—The first week of November is when the fall color magic starts to happen. Seemingly overnight, green trees turn gorgeous hues of red, yellow, and orange that last right up to Thanksgiving.

It’s ideal camping weather—Still-warm temperatures in the daytime give way to comfortably chilly temps at night. Basically, perfection.

Alabama in the fall, why visit Alabama in the fall

We have barbecue—Lots of it. And it’s delicious.

And fall craft beer releases—With eight breweries in and around city limits, there is no shortage of Birmingham’s interpretation of Oktoberfests, ciders, stouts, and brown ales.

And football—You need to declare whether you’re an Alabama or Auburn fan upon entering the state.

And blissfully empty roads, stores, trails if you don’t like football—While everyone is glued to their TVs, you get everything to yourself! Except for the other non-football fans.

Alabama in the fall, why visit Alabama in the fall

We celebrate Dia de los Muertos—What started as a small art installation 15 years ago has now become a massive celebration of life where thousands come to listen to bands, eat delicious food, paint their faces, and honor to the dead.

So go ahead and add Alabama to your 2018 Tour de Fall list. We’ll be waiting here for you.


Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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