Halloween candy on the trails

The Best Halloween Candy Ranked By Hikers

There is no better mid-hike snack in October than a big handful of Halloween candy (and November once the candy goes on sale). And you’re burning bazillions of calories, so there should be no shame in your Halloween-candy-as-fuel game.

But which Halloween candy can stand up to the rigors of the outdoors? Which can survive a thru-hike, and which shouldn’t make it past your front door?

We took on the impossibly delicious task of taking candy out into the wild to see if it could withstand the trials of the trails. You’re welcome.


M&Ms—Cult classic. Spends the off-season hanging out with trail mix. Most delicious in peanut form.

8/10 loves to camp.


Snickers—Literally the perfect candy. Keeps you from going crazy. Full of protein and happiness.

10/10 entire meal in a candy bar.


Candy apple—Trail-friendly snack cloaked in caramel gooeyness. Will get messy. Hard to hold stick while hiking.

4/10 can be considered healthy.


Milk Duds—Name says it all. Good in caloric emergency, otherwise useless. Why even bother?

2/10 packaging is recyclable.


Skittles—Disappointing M&Ms in costume. Strong, versatile, easy to throw in your pack. Make you taste the rainbow.

6/10 won’t melt in your hand or mouth.


Fireballs—Sassier cousin to the Jawbreaker. Great for keeping warm in the snow. Only ingest one at a time.

3/10 choking hazard.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup—Heavenly ingredients. Different sizes for packing convenience. May squish in pack.

7/10 worth the messiness.


Dum Dums—Don’t be fooled, not Halloween candy. This is bank counter candy. Not worth the weight.

0/10 don’t waste energy eating.


Twix—Delightfully delicious. High in calories and happiness. Includes a biscuit, so basically breakfast.

9/10 don’t share with friends.


Starburst—A+ on packability. No one likes the lemon. Not chocolate.

5/10 keeps your mouth occupied.


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Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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