#WeKeepItWild, Conservation Alliance, Earth Day

We Keep It Wild with the Conservation Alliance

If you’re in any way involved in the outdoors industry, you’ve probably heard of the Conservation Alliance. They’re the ones working tirelessly, day in and day out, to protect threatened land.

As an outdoor guidebook company, working with the Conservation Alliance to help preserve the wild places we write about is a given. It’s as natural as breathing fresh mountain air. We can’t send you off into the wild without also doing our part to make sure those same places will be there to be enjoyed by others.

That’s why Wilderness Press is joining forces with companies such as Arc’Teryx, Helly Hensen, Ruffwear, Stanley, and others on the Conservation Alliance’s third annual #WeKeepitWild campaign. On Earth Day, 25% of all online sales at wildernesspress.com will go to the Conservation Alliance.

Together, we can protect the wild places we all love so dearly—and ensure that they will still be there for generations to come. So celebrate Earth Day by purchasing some guidebooks and donating to the Conservation Alliance. It’s a win for everyone: You get new guidebooks, we donate to the Conservation Alliance, and they’re able to permanently protect more wild places. It’s like an outdoors community symbiotic relationship.

#WeKeepItWild, Conservation Alliance, Earth Day


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