Earth Day, #WeKeepItWild, Conservation Alliance

The Day We Celebrate the Earth

Earth Day is our favorite day. Do you know why? Not only does it celebrate this pretty planet we live on, but it also brings awareness to all the ways we can protect the Earth. It’s exciting and educational. Yes! So much yes.

The good thing is that, as stewards of the outdoors, we already do so much to protect the Earth. For us, every day is Earth Day. But we’re not naive—we all know someone who thinks orange peels are biodegradable, who camps next to a lake, or who chooses not to recycle. Maybe it’s hard for you to confront them. Or you’ve tried, but to no avail.

So we’ll do the dirty work for you—here are some easy ways to save the Earth, masked with Instagram-worthy photography. All you need to do is conveniently share them and hope your pals get the message. Some may call it passive aggressive. We call it smart.

Pick Up Trash

You’re outside, and the trash is outside, so you might as well pick it up and leave the Earth a little nicer than you found it. Make it a game—whoever picks up the least amount of rubbish has to buy the first round of beer.

Earth Day, #WeKeepItWild, Conservation Alliance

Drink From a Reusable Water Bottle

Our landfills are overflowing with plastic water bottles. This is just silly because there are a million and one hip water bottles out there that will hydrate you in style. Our favorite? Hydroflask.

Earth Day, #WeKeepItWild, Conservation Alliance


OMG, recycling is so easy. So easy! You need to throw your trash into a receptacle anyway—why not lean a little to the left and throw it into the one with the three arrows on it? Bonus Earth points if you take the time to learn exactly what your town does and does not recycle.

Earth Day, #WeKeepItWild, Conservation Alliance

Shop with Tote Bags

Ok, we know you have a cabinet (or drawer or closet) at home that’s just exploding with plastic grocery bags. Put an end to the trash bag breeding, and bring some cloth tote bags with you to the store.

Earth Day, #WeKeepItWild, Conservation Alliance

Support the Conservation Alliance Campaign

Are you planning a trip for this year? Are you thinking about planning about trip? Are you thinking about thinking about planning a trip? Then today is the day to stock up on guidebooks! 25% of all online sales at go directly to the Conservation Alliance’s #WeKeepItWild campaign.

#WeKeepItWild, Conservation Alliance, Earth Day

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