TrailSherpa Launches Photo Journal of National Parks

If you love our national parks as much as we do, you’ll be happy to hear that the folks over at TrailSherpa have just launched ParksFolio, a vast, new photo archive containing breathtaking images out of the National Parks system.

Even more, the engine behind the photo journal is a social one, featuring photographs (and the stories behind them) submitted by you, the adventurer.

Here’s how ParksFolio explains:

It’s a great way to tell your National Parks stories and show off your best photos. Contributors will have their author box at the bottom of each story as well as an author archive page where readers can access all of the submissions from that author.  Their author box will contain links to your website and social profiles which is a great way to introduce our community to your personal blog and connect with each other beyond ParksFolio.

Submitted photos and stories first face editorial review before being posted and categorized.

top trails olympic nat park coverWhich National Park is your favorite? Planning a trip? Be sure to check out these comprehensive guides to our National Parks from our friends at Menasha Ridge Press and Wilderness Press!

Above photo via TrailSherpa.

Top Trails: Olympic National Park & Vicinity by Doug Lorain will be available Spring 2014, from Wilderness Press.

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