[PHOTOSET]: Walking Berkeley & Oakland Author Takes Us on Tour of East Bay

BERKELEY, CA — Rylan Freshour, author of Wilderness Press’s newly announced upcoming title, Walking Berkeley & Oakland — an urban hiking guide to the East Bay — is blowing up Facebook with photos from his research.

Rylan’s book, scheduled for publication by Fall 2015, will feature several dozen walking routes through the East Bay area, and will be a must for the inquisitive urban adventurer, whether they’re a local yearning to re-discover the East Bay with fresh eyes, or a visitor in town for a few days seeking a more authentic travel experience.

Here are a few of our favorite photos that have come from Rylan’s research so far:

berkeley marina 2

Sailboat on Berkeley Marina

berkeley marina

Sittin’ on the Dock o’ the Bay (Berkeley Marina)

oakland middle harbor shoreline park

Oakland Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

oakland mountain view cemetary 2

Oakland Mountain View Cemetary

oakland mountain view cemetary

Oakland Mountain View Cemetary

oakland produce district 2

Oakland Produce District

oakland produce district

These guys get started early… (Oakland Produce District)


These photos are only the tip of the iceberg! Be sure to visit Walking Berkeley & Oakland on Facebook, and give it a LIKE to stay updated on Rylan’s wanderings through East Bay!

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