National Parks Ban on Fixed Anchors Now Lifted

After nearly 15 years of being banned, the National Park Service is now finally allowing use of fixed anchors on federally-managed, designated climbing routes within park confines. This is good news for all you climbing junkies out there heading to the monumental parks’ peaks this summer! However, make sure to read all about the new ruling from the NPS.

The NPS decision, part of a largerĀ wilderness stewardship plan, says that temporary anchors are still preferrable, and their use should be encouraged wherever possible.

Whether you plan to hike, camp, climb, or paddle this summer, take advantage of our National Parks–they are diverse, beautiful, affordable, and ready to provide you and your family with countless hours of entertainment. What better time to start appreciating our National Parks than on National Trails Day, June 1?

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Travis Bryant
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