Becky Ohlsen Compares Walking Portland to Walking Britain

Not all walks are created equal! PDX and Wilderness Press author Becky Ohlsen is guest blogging for Portland’s beloved Powell’s Books Blog all week this week.

In yesterday’s post, she discusses how different walking guides have posed a wide array of benefits and challenges:

I’ve always liked walking. It’s easy. You can get pretty good at it even if, like me, you’re desperately uncoordinated. You don’t have to study for years to achieve mastery; basically, by grade school most of us have it nailed.

At least, that’s true about the kind of walking you do when you’re working on a book like¬†Walking Portland. But not all walks are created equal.

To read more, check out Powell’s blog.

You should also click here for more info on Becky’s new book,¬†Walking Portland!


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