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Best Kids Books to Foster the Love of the Outdoors

This just in—all the cool aunts and uncles are giving books as gifts this holiday season. And not just any books, outdoor books! You can help mold young minds and teach them from a young age to love and respect the outdoors.

We’re here to help you achieve that cool status. Here’s a handy shopping guide of books from Adventure Publications for young adventurers. Bonus—all the links lead to, where you can shop and support local, independent bookstores. Because we love to live like a local!

Backpacking Babies

These adventure board books are perfect for babies who are on the go and have no time to fuss with paper books. You can show little ones all the different animals they will encounter in the wild. Choose between Floppers & Loppers, Snouts & Sniffersor Paws & ClawsOr don’t choose at all and buy them the entire set!

Trekking Toddlers

Boy, do we have some great picture books for you. Teach the alphabet with C is for Cardinalor help prepare them to find animals camouflaging in their natural environments in Hidden Critters

Better yet, secure your spot as Favorite Family Member by letting them unwrap Whose Butt?, Whose Baby Butt?or Critter LitterWarning—you may want to buy a set of those books for yourself!

Elementary Explorers

Budding conservationists will appreciate reading about animal rescues like Maggie the One-Eyed Peregrine Falcon and Esther the EagletCurious kids will love wandering the forests filling out Rock Log, Bug Log, or Bird Log.

AdventureKEEN gift guide, Adventure Publications

Aspiring Adventurers

Help a preteen prove they really do know it all about the outdoors by giving them Rock Collecting for Kids or Amazing World of DinosaursYou can also teach them the beauty of relaxed reading with a twist by the campfire with great stories in the Can You Survive? series like Call of the Wild, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Robin Hood.

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