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The Best Springtime Walks in Denver

Denver is magnificent outdoor playground year-round, but it’s especially lovely to get outside when the sun gets warmer and flowers start to bloom and your puffy gets relegated to the back of your closet.

With the new edition of Walking Denver out just in time to explore the city and soak in the nice weather, we asked author Mindy Sink to take on one of her favorite springtime walks.

With 32 walks to choose from in the second edition of Walking Denver, you might be wondering where to start. Walk #1? Not necessarily.

If you were my friend, or a friend of a friend, here in springtime, I’d take you over to City Park for the Mile High Loop walk in the springtime. At first glance, you might think the whole point of this walk is to be at 5,280 feet above sea level. However, there is only time of year you can enjoy a scented garden during the walk.

The old boathouse (aka City Park Pavilion) at the west end of Ferril Lake is the best place to start and end this walk for a lot of reasons—including parking—but one of my favorites is the formal rose garden. There are rows of beautiful roses that do last beyond springtime but are just so precious right now.

As you walk north past the lake, you can walk to the left, off the beaten path, as you head towards the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and you will find yourself in between rows of beautifully-scented lilac bushes and crab apple trees. If there hasn’t been a late frost, there should be splendid blooms to enjoy here.

Soon enough you’ll pop out and find yourself closer to the museum and you can veer right to cross the interactive fountain, H2Odyssey, that may or not be on yet. Soon you’ll turn left and go along the right or south side of the museum where you’ll walk past creative sculptures.

You’ll turn right as you come up to Colorado Blvd. and you can tiptoe through—or at least alongside—the yellow tulips planted here for a long stretch. Pretty soon you turn right and find yourself back in the park, between shady trees, benches and more flowers in bloom.

If you’re here in May, you might see the Darlington Electric Fountain putting on a show in the middle of Ferril Lake. Sure, you could end the walk now where you started it, but I encourage you to keep going and walking parallel to 17th St.

You’ll veer right as you approach York St. and this is where you might encounter more spring blossoms on the trees and can stroll along like you’re in a Victorian era garden. In my book you will find more details on the statues and structures sprinkled about the park too.

Just stay on the path and you will pass playgrounds, tennis courts and even glimpse the Denver Zoo as you loop back to the lake. Walking is a chance to chance to connect with the city on many sensory levels and there’s no time like spring to experience the scented gardens of Denver’s City Park.

Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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