How to Pack for International Adventures, 10 essentials for international travel, Wilderness Press

The 10 Essentials for International Adventures

You’re traveling abroad this summer! You’ve probably had it planned for months now, but I’d like to believe the post on how to choose the best international hikes had a role in your decision.

No matter. Your destination is set, your ticket is booked, and now you need to learn to pack like a pro.

Remember—the less you pack, the less weight you have to lug around, and the less likely you are to leave something behind.


Good sneakers—So important. So, so important! A pair of comfortable, reliable shoes will take you from plane to town to trail, and back again without any worry or blisters or discomfort.

Buff—You can use this versatile piece of cloth as an eye mask, scarf, head wrap, bandage, fashion accessory, or snot rag. Or all of the above!

A “nice” outfit—There’s no need to bring a three-piece suit, but pack a casual dress, nice shirt to pair with leggings, or button-down shirt to pair with your shorts. You never know what occasion may arise or where you’ll be invited.

Sandals—These will come in handy for public showers, water adventures, or for just giving your feet a rest from your sneakers.

Long sleeve shirt—Even if you’re going into the desert, planes or air-conditioned buildings can freeze you out quickly.

External battery—Having a working phone is important, even if just to use as a camera. Get a battery that can hold a few charges so that you can venture into the backcountry confidently.

How to Pack for International Adventures, 10 essentials for international travel, Wilderness Press

Outlet adapter—Important for the same reasons listed above. Invest in an international adapter that works on every continent and you’ll never have to worry about being powerless again.

Headphones—Cry baby on plane. Loud hostel roommates. Long train rides. Headphones weigh nothing and take up no space and will let you catch up on all those podcasts you’ve been bookmarking.

Credit card—Great to use in addition to local currency, especially if you have a travel card that gives you double or triple points when you travel. Just be sure to call your company in advance and tell them your travel dates so they don’t freeze it when you use it on the other side of the world.

Journal—It’s a crime to not even carry a small notebook to jot down profound musings on a mountaintop or quick notes while sitting in a cafe. You’ll be thankful you did.

How to Pack for International Adventures, 10 essentials for international travel, Wilderness Press

Other useful things

A book—You can read it on the plane and then leave it behind at a coffee shop or hostel. Bonus—you can probably pick up another book to read in the same spot you leave your book.

Febreeze bottle—For when you don’t have time to wash your clothes in the sink but don’t want to smell bad.

Sunglasses—Also can be purchased once you’re at your destination.

Bathing suit—Can also wear regular clothes in a pinch, but bathing suits don’t take up a lot of space or weight.

Deodorant—If we’re being honest here, lots of people in other countries don’t wear deodorant. Truly embrace the local and go au natural.

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