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Things to Do Instead of Taxes (Or Any Other Dreaded Task)

Not to sound alarmist or anything, but your taxes are due in about two weeks.

Some people won’t even bat an eye at that statement and will sleep easy knowing they turned their taxes in early and correctly and have already planned an exotic family vacation with their refund.

Other people like us (and hopefully you because misery loves company), wait until the 11th hour to even start thinking about filing taxes, then find every excuse imaginable to keep procrastinating.

So because we’re the ultimate enablers of living your best life (which obviously doesn’t include doing taxes), here are some other, better ways to pass the time.

Volunteer to clean up local trails.

Volunteer to clean up your backyard.

Volunteer to clean up your fridge.

Eat all the food in your now-clean fridge.

Fall into a food coma.

Take the kids on an adventure.

Regret agreeing to take the kids on an adventure.

Plant your garden (start indoors, if there’s still snow on the ground).

Become a birder.

Decide you’re too impatient to be a birder.

Build a Little Free Library in your neighborhood.

Build a pallet table for your backyard.

Build a tiny home for your backyard.

List your tiny home on Airbnb.

Decide you don’t want strangers living in your backyard and remove your tiny home from Airbnb.

Wash your car.

Wash your spouse’s car.

Wash your neighbor’s car.

Wash your dog.

Try to wash your cat.

Get your gear closet organized for spring.

Research new countries to visit.

Look up photos of those countries on Instagram.

Wonder how people get such high-quality photos.

Go hiking.

Go camping.

Realize that people who live off the grid probably don’t have to pay taxes.

Seriously consider moving family off the grid to avoid paying taxes.

Research home schooling.

Quickly decide to stay on the grid.

Pay someone else to do your taxes.

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Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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  • Washing cats makes delaying filing taxes worth it.

    March 29, 2018 at 7:13 pm

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