How to Find a Leprechaun in the Woods

March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. If we’re all being honest here, no one actually knows who St. Patrick is. But everyone knows who leprechauns are and what they look like.

Since 2018 is the year you are living your best life, make this the year that you catch a leprechaun. Oh yes, you read that right. Catch. Your. Own. Leprechaun.

Do an Alpine Start

Leprechauns are late sleepers. Or at least, they look like they are. Set your alarm for 2 a.m., hit the trailhead by 3 a.m., and you’ll be able to rouse them from their slumber before they even realize what day it is.

Search for Solitude

How many times have you encountered a leprechaun walking down the street? Yeah, us neither. Those sneaky guys love their privacy and seclusion. Which means that you have to put in that extra effort to find those trails less traveled. Creep through those overgrown trails with the quiet confidence you have when you know you’re (almost) all alone in the woods.

Prepare the Bait

This one’s almost too obvious, but we’ll say it anyway. Leprechauns love Lucky Charms! Especially the marshmallows. And gold coins. Because, duh. Repurpose your Halloween witch’s cauldron, fill it with snacks, and sit back in your hammock and wait.

Play Some Music

You know how bear bells supposedly deter bears? (They don’t actually deter bears. Please don’t do this. We can elaborate in another blog post.) Well, leprechauns love cheery music. Toss your Bluetooth speaker into your pack for a soundtrack that’s sure to bring the leprechauns running.

Look for Rainbows

Cliche or not, leprechauns are known to hang out at the end of rainbows. With a pot of gold. So. That being said. Check the weather for impending storms, wait them out in a safe location, then run as fast as you can toward the brilliant display of colors. Yes, rainbows have a strange way of shifting. That just makes the reward that much sweeter.

As with everything in today’s technology-obsessed society, it only counts if you catch it on camera. So good luck out there tomorrow, friends! Believe in yourselves, hydrate well with green beer, and get those leprechauns!

Tanya Twerdowsky

I am a Jersey girl living in Alabama who loves to run far and eat lots.

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