Walking Queens, Adrienne Onofri

How To Be a Tourist in Your Own City

While “staycation” may not be a buzzword anymore, it’s still the cool thing to do. We don’t always want to go away and sleep in a questionable bed with unknown water pressure and watery coffee. Plus, let’s be real—it’s expensive! We ain’t got that kind of money!

Why wait until your in-laws are in town to become your city’s tour guide when you can practice now to sound polished and professional? Check out your local paper for happenings around town, grab some friends, and go explore!

You can also be a legit expert on your zip code by grabbing some guidebooks written by real experts. Our current favs are Walking Brooklyn by Adrienne Onofri, Walking Philadelphia by Natalie Pompilio, and Walking Los Angeles by Erin Mahoney Harris and Zach Behrens.

Picnic in a new park

Surely there is a green space in your city your feet haven’t touched yet. Head to your favorite sandwich shop for picnic fare (or pretend you’re in Europe and grab some bread, wine, and cheese), choose a park you have yet to explore, and have an Instagram-worthy meal.

Walking Brooklyn, Adrienne Onofri

Visit museums

Or historic monuments. Or art galleries. Or local shops and boutiques. Because you and I both know there are cool places in town (according to travel websites) that you’ve driven by a million times but have never explored. Now’s the time to change that.

Walking Brooklyn, Adrienne Onofri

Appreciate local architecture

Lace up your shoes, fill your Stanley thermos with some pour-over coffee, and hit the streets in search of cool sights. Whether the buildings are old and historical or brand new and modern, they speak volumes about the vibe of your city.

Walking Brooklyn, Adrienne Onofri

Seek out special events

Believe it or not, there’s always something going on in your “ugh it’s so lame here” city. Seriously. Take three seconds on the Google to look up music and food festivals, open houses, outdoor performances, shows, or outdoor markets. It’ll give you a chance to soak in your local vibe.

Walking Brooklyn, Adrienne Onofri

Try new restaurants

C’mon. Do you really need an excuse to nosh on some new food? No. But we are creatures of habit, and we go to the.same.restaurants.all.the.time. Go out on a culinary limb and experience some new food. You can always chase it with your favorite milkshake if the restaurant is a bust.

Walking Brooklyn, Adrienne Onofri

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