On the Trail/In the News: College Credit for Hiking AT, 50th Annual Hiking Spree, Hiking the Grand Canyon, Blue Ridge

Happy Friday, Trekalong trekkers! As we go into Labor Day Weekend, here are a few of our favorite hiking news stories from this past week. Enjoy a few tales of outdoor adventure as inspiration to get outside for the last holiday of summer!

Students Earn College Credit by Hiking Appalachian Trail

(Bristol-Herald Courier)

Now I wish I’d gone to Emory & Henry College! “Jim Harrison, the college’s director of outdoor programming, calls this ‘a special studies opportunity that allows degree-seeking students to attempt a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail while remaining fully enrolled in an academic semester.’

OH “Hiking Spree” Celebrates 50th Anniversary


“We’re celebrating 50 years of the Hiking Spree,” said Nathan Eppink, chief of Marketing and Communications for Metro Parks, Serving Summit County (Greater Akron, Ohio). “It’s one of the largest and longest-running events of its kind in the country. It started in 1964 as an effort to encourage Summit County residents to explore their Metro Parks. Today, it is an annual tradition for thousands of individuals and families.”

Forget Extreme Hiking, Sometimes a Nature Walk Is All You Need

(The Star Phoenix)

“For those without the fitness, gear or inclination to spend a long day or multiple days on the side of a mountain, the under-appreciated nature walk is a fantastic way to spend a few hours in the Rockies enjoying nature without the pressure of blisters or backpacks.”

Hiking on the Rim of the Grand Canyon

(Pasadena Star News)

It was one of those moments you have to experience. The Grand Canyon is a spiritual journey that inspires more than 5 million visitors every year… However the canyon was formed, it’s an amazing place. We debated hiking down into the canyon, but the canyon is 20 degrees warmer at the bottom and I wasn’t up to hiking a vertical mile. So we compromised by wandering along the rim. Watering stations allowed us to refill our water battles as we walked in the desert heat. Rangers say you need to drink a quart of water every two hours here to replace the moisture that evaporates from your body.”

Hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway

(National Parks Traveler)

“The Blue Ridge Parkway, America’s most-visited park unit, is a beautiful road to drive. Most visitors just enjoy the scenery from their cars and get out to photograph the panoramas at the overlooks. But the road is also a great base from which to hike. Miles of trail take off from the Blue Ridge Parkway and go into the woods to waterfalls, views, and historic artifacts.”


(Cover image via Associated Press)



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